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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Challenge #19 - Asian

Our challenge this fortnight is from Christi, and she has chosen ASIAN as the theme but as she's poorly and unable to post, Jane is writing this. As usual, we have a $15 voucher from Alleystamp for our winner.

Don't forget that Asia is a HUGE continent - it stretches all the way from parts of the Middle East to Japan and some of the Pacific Islands, as well as from Russia in the north to Indonesia and the Philippines in the south, so it doesn't have to be just about China and Japan. Having said that, my own card includes Thai paper, a Japanese lady and some Chinese characters, so I've definitely stayed in south-east Asia!

Here are the cards from the rest of the team


Christi - will be adding hers very soon

We'd love you to join in - I bet you all have some Asian themed stamps tucked away from a few years ago when they were absolutely everywhere!

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