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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Challenge 19 - Asian Winners

Good morning, sorry this is late we are not in the rhythm of not having Christi with us.   We hope you are feeling better Christi everyone misses you and sends you healing thoughts.

Jane's Animals challenge runs for another week and you can enter here.   Don't forget we are inviting people to join us as GDT, just add GDT to your name when you enter the challenge.

Jane and I had to choose a winner of the $15 voucher for  Alleystamp   We decided the one we both liked best would be the winner and then we would have a top pick each.  The reasoning is that our tastes similar in many ways diverged here, and that is something we want to celebrate your and our individuality is something to be treasured.

So our winner this time is:

Congratulations Julye we both love your card please drop me a line at zoechaos@icloud.com with Twofers Winner in the subject line.

Janes Top Pick, on artist two entries and they were both fantastic,
It is you Kathryn Ritter

My top pick is
Gail and her very modern Japanese card

Congratulations to you all, please take you badges from our badges page, if you have not already done so.


  1. Congrats to the lucky winner and top picks. Thanks for picking my card as one of your favourites. Hugz

  2. Thank you Jane :) I really did enjoy this challenge theme. I didn't mention it in my post but I was actually listening to some of YoYo Ma's Silk Road ensemble (extraordinary world music!) while making at least one of these...can't remember which now though. Have a fantastic rest of your weekend and thank you again! :)
    PS-everybody I have a BIG destash cleanout giveaway going until middle of this month. Come and enter! :)


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