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Saturday, July 30, 2016

5th Saturday - Stamping without Stamps

As you know, we are a stamping challenge, and by that we mean  stamping with traditional rubber or clear polymer stamps - but have you ever thought about other things around the home you can use for stamping?

Almost anything that has a defined shape and isn't going to  soak up the ink can be used to stamp with. It's a good idea to experiment on scrap paper because different things work better with different inks - this shows up well in my first sample, where I have used a dragonfly shape that has been cut using foam sheet.  I stuck it to my acrylic block with a dab of glue stick that washed off the block easily afterwards. The multi-coloured dragonflies were stamped with a Kaleidacolor pad, which is a dye ink, and some of it soaked into the foam making the images quite light - perfect for a background. The salmon pink ones use a Versacolor ink which is much thicker and "juicier", resulting in a bolder image.

My next sample uses a cardboard tube from the centre of a roll of toilet paper! I squished it into a heart shape and dabbed it on the inkpad - again, the pigment ink worked better

However if you want to use bubble wrap to stamp with, a dye based ink is a better bet because the juiciness of a pigment pad can force ink up between the bubbles, giving you a smudged finish. I used a Kaleidacolor ink for this stamping.

You may remember potato printing as a child, or with your own children, but you can carve any firm vegetable into a stamping tool - these butterflies were stamped using a parsnip

And finally how about using the eraser tip of a pencil? They never seem to be terribly good at actually erasing things, so here at last is a use for them.

We'd love to hear about what unusual objects YOU have used to stamp with!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Winners - Challenge 23 Clocks and/or Time

Thank you to those who joined in our Clocks and/or Time challenge - Jane here to announce our winners. As we only had 6 entries, we have a winner and a top 2 rather than top 3 this time (but our badges still say top 3!) although all your entries were gorgeous and it  was very difficult to choose between them.

Our winner of a $15 voucher for Alleystamp is

#3 Elly who created this beautiful clock
Elly, please email Zoe on zoechaos@icloud.com with Winner Challenge 23 in the subject line in order to claim your prize.
Our runners up are
and #4 Chrissie
Don't forget to pick up your badges from our badges page, ladies!

There's still another week to enter our "These are a girl's best friend" challenge - and don't forget,  your best friend doesn't need to be diamonds!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Challenge 24 - These are a Girls Best Friend.

If you have followed us with for a while, or even on and off you'l know that I'm making a pack of cards, and that I like things just a little off beat.   Well the pack is almost done and it had been getting harder and harder to get ideas and images to fit.  Among the many things I like are Cats, flying and diamonds.   That inspired this fortnights theme of a Girls Best Friend.

We are so privileged to have the sponsorship of Alleystamp who will give our selected winner $15 to spend at the shop, and the shop is worth a visit it's a proper Aladin's Cave.

Now here are my Girl's Best Friends
Yep Cats Butterflies and Diamonds


Please remember you must use stamp and ink but no digi stamps.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Challenge 22 - Winners

Hello if you are looking for the Clocks/Time challenge please scroll down.

It is time now for us to announce the winners of Christi's Tea, Coffee or Me challenge.   As Christi is still away Jane and I chose the winner and top 3 between ourselves.

The stand out winner of the $15 voucher to spend at Alleystamp is

Jean please drop me a line at zoechaos@icloud.com with Challenge 22 Winner in the subject and I will arrange for your prize to be sent to you.   Badges are on our badges page.

We were also thrilled to have so many entries, a lot of work goes into the challenge so it is great to feel the appreciation.   Unfortunately one or two entries did not include rubber stamping and so were not considered for the top 3.  Yes top 3 this time with such a great selection to choose from.

Congratulations everyone we loved all the entries and appreciate all your support.   Looking forward to seeing your Clocks/Time ideas now.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Challenge 23 - Clocks and/or Time

It's time for our new challenge, and this time our theme is Clocks and/or Time.

As usual, we have a $15 voucher from Alleystamp for our winner

Here is what the design team have created for this challenge:

Christi is still recovering, she has a couple of things going on but expects to be back in September.
Now it's YOUR turn - add your take on the theme, remembering to use some stamping and no digis. We've had several recent entries that included some lovely techniques but no stamping, and they can't be considered for our winner or top 3 places.