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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cities - Winners

Hello, is anyone there?    The girls are feeling a little despondent, seems we are not getting very much interest.   We have a wonderful new sponsor giving $20 to our fortnightly winner, from the current challenge which is Christi's theme of Sassy.  And we made it easier you no longer have to make pairs, love you to join us.

For now we have the important business of selecting the winner (no prize for this one sorry) for my challenge Cities.    There might have only been 2 entries but the quality was sky high.   I have such respect for both Pia and Joan choosing between them has been one of the toughest decisions to make.

On balance, and this is purely a personal preference, I have chosen Joan as our Cities Winner.   Please take our Winners Badge Joan and thank you very much for your continued entries and support.  XOXO Zoe

These are Joan fabulous winning cards

Our current challenge, with a week to go is Sassy with another week to go you have time to enter!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

All kinds of NEW stuff and Challenge 4 ~ Sassy!!!

We have decided to change a few rules here at Twofers:
  1. Now you only need to make ONE project. And we are keeping the name because we like it, because we are fortnightly and because we can.
  2. We now have a sponsor who has generously agreed to offer a $20 Gift Certificate to her awesome store.
I'd like to introduce Alleystamp 
The owner, and dear friend of mine, Janine, has graciously agreed to give our winners a $20 gift certificate to her store.  I shop there ALL the time as her prices literally can not be beat (they are often lower than those daily sale sites!) and she is such an awesome person.  HUGE thanks to Janine!

All we ask is that you take a quick look at our rules and be sure to follow them and you will be in the running for that gift certificate.

Now, on to challenge 4! Some of you may know that I have a "sassy" sense of humor.  If you don't, you will! It was a natural for me to choose this as a challenge for me.  So let that sassiness show in your rubber stamped creation and join in the fun! Take a look at our blogs for more information on what we have created. Enjoy! Christi

I'm still working on my pack of cards, so might well continue to make pairs just as you can if you want.

I'd already made two cards before we decided to change to just one, so here they are!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Winner's post - Challenge 2 - Weddings

Let's have a look back at Challenge 2 - Weddings. We only had ONE entry - but what a gorgeous one it was! I'm sure it would have been a winner even if we'd had dozens of entries. So well done to Joan W . Thank you for taking part - please take your Top Pick badge from the right of the page.


Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Tale of 2 Cities

Back to the challenges, but first we had a little competition last week.  This challenge site is all about using stamps and ink, so we asked you how many different ways you could list to use stamps.

We had 2 smashing entries Pia and Laura and just as we hoped we learnt something new to us.   Both lists have now been published as comments to the competition.

The Winner of the most inventive technique is Laura with her idea of using stamps to decorate cake with edible ink and or impressing into royal icing.

And the person we would like to invite as a guest designer is Pia.  If you would both like to contact me  Zoechaos@icloud.com I can get the stamps in the post to Laura and arrange the Guest DT spot with Pia.

Time for another challenge and this time it is my choice.   As you know we are looking for pairs of projects inspired by the theme.   My theme for this fortnight is CITIES.    As you might have realised by now my intention for this challenge is to create a set a playing cards.   Not a new idea projects making entirely different sets have been around probably as long as playing cards.   They are often created as charity fund raising/awareness tools.  If you are interested in learning more about playing cards the Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards is a great starting point.

For now my set is just something I've wanted to do for a several years and the idea of pairs seemed the perfect time to do it.

This card celebrates 2 of my favourite cities London & Paris and their two marvellous landmarks.   The London Eye this is a Stamping' up stamp, in blue Stayzon.   The Eiffel Tower in grey stayzon is from a long cherished but never used polymer set.   The alphabet stamps were from Trimline (I think) years ago and cost just £1, they are great so long as you do not want perfectly lined up and straight words.   The colouring is all felt tip, you cannot use solvent based pens with solvent based inks unless you want a blurred/muddy effect.    The hardest thing to do was drawing the clubs but these are at least the right shape for all their variety.

This 2nd card is a fantasy city, part of an Addicted to Stamps plate.   The buildings remind me of parts of Italy where buildings are brightly coloured and decorated outside.   Trompe-l'oeil techniques are employed with very dramatic and realistic effect.   Being southern Italy the skies are generally wall to wall blue.    Coloured again with felt pens a bright and cheerful effect was easy peasy.

My teamies are all doing different things for our challenges and their terrific takes on my Cities theme are just below.   If you want to know more about their makes you will need to visit their sites.

Over to you now remember we are looking for pairs of things, playing cards, bookmarks, altered tins, any format so long as there are two of them with our theme as the main focus and you must use rubber/polymer stamps.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Competition Closed - Here is your team's list

Thank you Pia and Laura for entering our little competition Christi, Jane & I are going to have to get our heads together to decide who gets the stamps.   We will let you know tomorrow, in the mean time here is the list of Stamping Techniques we came up with, its a team effort not just one person's list.

1.   Simple stamping

2.   Kiss Stamping, 1st impression onto a flat rubber plate and then from that onto the project gives a reverse image.

3. Stamping with Water Soluble Inks
      brush out the image with a water brush to blur the edges and/or fill the image
      Spritz the inked stamp with water before stamping
      Stamp onto damp paper/card

4.   Heat embossing aka wet embossing

5.   Use a glue pad and sprinkle Glitter or Flock onto the image.

6.   Use stamps to make impressions into embossing paste or triple embossing (layers of hot ep)

7.   Use a rubber stamp or good quality polymer (Such as Clarity) as a plate and iron fantasy fibres and/or fantasy film over the design.

8.  Unmounted stamping
       Great on curved surfaces
       Allows use of just part of the image

9.   Stamping layers (see Zoe's Samples for challenge 3)

10. Use one inking for multiple impressions

11. Stamping and masking

12. Repeated stamping to make borders or background patterns

13. Use Solvent inks and stamp on glass, ceramics or other non porous/glossy surfaces

14. Faux Batik technique

15. Stamping with bleach

16. Stamping with Gesso or into wet gesso

17. Stamping onto Almost Leather or Fun Foam to create embossed leather effect

18. Potato stamping.

19. Make your own 3d decoupage or 3d topper with Mandala stamp

We kinda ran out of ideas at this point but are sure you know of more techniques please feel free to share them with us.   Perhaps if you would like we can give tutorials on some of the techniques listed above on future 5th Saturdays.

See you tomorrow with a new challenge.