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Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Tale of 2 Cities

Back to the challenges, but first we had a little competition last week.  This challenge site is all about using stamps and ink, so we asked you how many different ways you could list to use stamps.

We had 2 smashing entries Pia and Laura and just as we hoped we learnt something new to us.   Both lists have now been published as comments to the competition.

The Winner of the most inventive technique is Laura with her idea of using stamps to decorate cake with edible ink and or impressing into royal icing.

And the person we would like to invite as a guest designer is Pia.  If you would both like to contact me  Zoechaos@icloud.com I can get the stamps in the post to Laura and arrange the Guest DT spot with Pia.

Time for another challenge and this time it is my choice.   As you know we are looking for pairs of projects inspired by the theme.   My theme for this fortnight is CITIES.    As you might have realised by now my intention for this challenge is to create a set a playing cards.   Not a new idea projects making entirely different sets have been around probably as long as playing cards.   They are often created as charity fund raising/awareness tools.  If you are interested in learning more about playing cards the Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards is a great starting point.

For now my set is just something I've wanted to do for a several years and the idea of pairs seemed the perfect time to do it.

This card celebrates 2 of my favourite cities London & Paris and their two marvellous landmarks.   The London Eye this is a Stamping' up stamp, in blue Stayzon.   The Eiffel Tower in grey stayzon is from a long cherished but never used polymer set.   The alphabet stamps were from Trimline (I think) years ago and cost just £1, they are great so long as you do not want perfectly lined up and straight words.   The colouring is all felt tip, you cannot use solvent based pens with solvent based inks unless you want a blurred/muddy effect.    The hardest thing to do was drawing the clubs but these are at least the right shape for all their variety.

This 2nd card is a fantasy city, part of an Addicted to Stamps plate.   The buildings remind me of parts of Italy where buildings are brightly coloured and decorated outside.   Trompe-l'oeil techniques are employed with very dramatic and realistic effect.   Being southern Italy the skies are generally wall to wall blue.    Coloured again with felt pens a bright and cheerful effect was easy peasy.

My teamies are all doing different things for our challenges and their terrific takes on my Cities theme are just below.   If you want to know more about their makes you will need to visit their sites.

Over to you now remember we are looking for pairs of things, playing cards, bookmarks, altered tins, any format so long as there are two of them with our theme as the main focus and you must use rubber/polymer stamps.

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