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Friday, September 4, 2015

Competition Closed - Here is your team's list

Thank you Pia and Laura for entering our little competition Christi, Jane & I are going to have to get our heads together to decide who gets the stamps.   We will let you know tomorrow, in the mean time here is the list of Stamping Techniques we came up with, its a team effort not just one person's list.

1.   Simple stamping

2.   Kiss Stamping, 1st impression onto a flat rubber plate and then from that onto the project gives a reverse image.

3. Stamping with Water Soluble Inks
      brush out the image with a water brush to blur the edges and/or fill the image
      Spritz the inked stamp with water before stamping
      Stamp onto damp paper/card

4.   Heat embossing aka wet embossing

5.   Use a glue pad and sprinkle Glitter or Flock onto the image.

6.   Use stamps to make impressions into embossing paste or triple embossing (layers of hot ep)

7.   Use a rubber stamp or good quality polymer (Such as Clarity) as a plate and iron fantasy fibres and/or fantasy film over the design.

8.  Unmounted stamping
       Great on curved surfaces
       Allows use of just part of the image

9.   Stamping layers (see Zoe's Samples for challenge 3)

10. Use one inking for multiple impressions

11. Stamping and masking

12. Repeated stamping to make borders or background patterns

13. Use Solvent inks and stamp on glass, ceramics or other non porous/glossy surfaces

14. Faux Batik technique

15. Stamping with bleach

16. Stamping with Gesso or into wet gesso

17. Stamping onto Almost Leather or Fun Foam to create embossed leather effect

18. Potato stamping.

19. Make your own 3d decoupage or 3d topper with Mandala stamp

We kinda ran out of ideas at this point but are sure you know of more techniques please feel free to share them with us.   Perhaps if you would like we can give tutorials on some of the techniques listed above on future 5th Saturdays.

See you tomorrow with a new challenge.

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