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Saturday, August 29, 2015

5th Saturday bonus

Thank you for supporting us and sharing your pairs.   We are enjoying the challenge and having a lot of fun challenging ourselves and getting very inky in the process.   We promised that in those months with a 5th Saturday we would do something different for you.   For this the first of these bonus days we have a competition, and a prize.

We would like you to comment on this post listing as many different uses/techniques you know using a rubber/polymer stamp and ink.   We will not publish the comments to keep it fair but of course we will read them.   So thinking caps on, how do you use your stamps list all the different ways.   We will give a prize, the pair of stamps above of stamps to the most inventive technique.    There will also be a Guest Spot for the person who knows the greatest number of different techniques.

You will have 6 days to respond, the competition closes on Thursday 3rd September at Midnight UK time.   The winners will be announced next Saturday when we introduce our 3rd challenge.


  1. Here's a list of what I can think of:
    paper piecing
    stamping onto patterned paper
    no coloring
    Fussy cutting
    One layer
    spotlight technique

  2. Well, there's the obvious ones: card making, decorating envelopes, creating custom stationery, and creating custom fabric with fabric paint (which makes great cushions). You can also reserve them for food decoration with edible ink and work them on set royal icing. I think we've all used them for kitsch temporary tattoos. Creating your own book plate for your home library is cute. You can also just use the ink pads for painting watercolour style designs or finger painting!


Thank you for taking a moment to tell us what you think. We read all comments and they help us make this a challenge that will be even more fun for you. After all we do this for you.