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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Challenge #2 - Weddings

Welcome back! Today sees the start of our second challenge, and this time our theme is WEDDINGS.  Don't forget, we want to see TWO pieces of work from you, and the theme must be obvious on them. Today's challenge is brought to you by Jane.

Now I've been thinking for a while that with more and more countries legalising same sex marriage, there's going to soon be a real need in the crafting community for ideas for same-sex wedding cards, so I decided for my Twofer today I would make two cards that were more or less identical except that one was for two men marrying each other, and the other for two women. In order to make my basic design suitable for both, I used rainbow colours. I had some rainbow peel offs with love and romance themes in my stash, and a sheet of rainbow-coloured floral vellum, and I stamped a "Love" panel for each card using a rainbow ink pad.

Then came the main wording - that was more of a challenge! I had to use a clear plastic stamp that said "Best Wishes to the Bride & Groom" and cut away the words Bride and Groom, using a stamp positioner to add them separately after stamping the rest of the sentiment. Maybe as demand increases we will see "Bride & Bride" and "Groom & Groom" stamps go on sale.

Now I'm going to hand over to teamies Christi and Zoe to show us their take on the challenge, before handing over to YOU to add your links.



  1. I've got no wedding cards in my stash, so this would be a good opportunity to stock up on those. Just hope I'll manage two make two in time:)

  2. Eeek - sorry so short of time - will "get my act together" for next weeks challenge x


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