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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Fifth Saturday Technique Time - Watercolour Stamping

There are 5 Saturday's in April, time for another technique.   Thought I'd share a little watercolour stamping with you this time.   There are so many ways you can combine Water, Colour, & Stamping this is just a look at one or two of them.

Some of the things you will need:

Dye based ink pads
Felt tip Pens
Acrylic Block
Water Brush
Spray mister

Rubber Stamps (you can use polymer but the inks can pool on those)

First a quick technique that is fun and produces some lovely results.

Choose a stamp that has a filled in image rather than just an outline.  
This stamp is a Penny-black brush stroke image.
Your favourite watercolour felt pens, these are my old tried and trusted Whisper Pens.
A fine spray water mister.

Colour the rubber stamp with felt pens, use the lightest colours first and then the darker ones to avoid colour contamination of your pens.   Take your time on this part to get it right, when finished lightly spray it with the mister.

Stamp the image, you can use dry card as here or slightly damp card which will allow the colours to move a little more.   If you want to firm up the stamped image you can use the felt pens to sharpen the outline.

Finally trim the image down to desired size and use however you want.

This second technique uses dye based ink pads and a water brush.   The stamp for this method is generally an outline.

Stamp the image onto card and then using the water brush pull colour from the outline to fill the image.

For a more intense colour or an different tone, press the ink pad onto an acrylic block.   From here pick up colour with the water brush.   Do not use the water brush directly onto the ink pad as the water will dilute the ink.

For this project I needed 2 images, both produced in the same in the same manner.  This time only the hat was coloured by pulling colour in, the costume, water and boat were acylic block water brushed. 

Use you images however you want.  I die cut mine into toppers and then blended more colour over them.   My background is also just regular stamping. 

So there you have 2 simple techniques that have been fun to do.   How do you use Water, Ink, & Stamps?   Please share your projects old and new with us just for fun, no prizes for this I'm afraid we just like to see what you do.

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  1. Fun technique! Thanks for the challenge! I wanted to play sooner to perhaps stimulate some more people to play along, but I did not manage....


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