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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Colour, Blue Green and Yellow

Loved your Vintage/Retro challenge Jane, it was great fun remembering the 1900's.

My time again now and I've opted for a colour challenge.   Indulging my love of the cool colours and restricting us to just those colours, black to stamp with (If you cannot use one of the specified colours) on backgrounds that are either black or white.   Thats all, no additional colours for 'realism' or any other reason, just use Blue, Green and Yellow with rubber stamping.

Sponsored by Alleystamp the winner of this challenge will get a $20 voucher to spend at the store.

Big thank you Alleystamp

When we were talking about that to do for this challenge, my original idea of abstract was completely beyond me and my playing cards!  Someone suggested colour and once I'd named them they rushed to their craft rooms and came up with their fantastic samples.

With my original idea still in mind using cool colours like these it seemed time to make the playing card aspect of my cards the focal point.

I also found some terrific little suite shape stamps by the English Stamp Company, they are a little large but will be perfect for those challenges when the suite takes centre stage on my playing card set.  Having the stamps all that remained was the colour and how to use it.

4 of clubs (or clover leaf if you prefer) stamped and masked the image 4 times.   Using a block stamp with a dotted edge Blue and Green stamped top and bottom.   The yellow was added with Inkylicious Ink Dusters.   Back to front 4 added with White pen and a tiny row of flowers also in yellow along the top of the green.  By the way I see little hearts in this clover leaf stamp as well, watch this space. 

4 of Spades, clearly Mondrian inspired design here,  I used thirds to section the card and again used stamps and masks for the spade image.   Coloured with felt pens the pen marks show clearly and are rather random giving the backgrounds movement.  On the green panel a pair of feet have been stamped in yellow. 

Take a look at the inspired ideas Christi and Jane came up with, they would love you to visit their sites and to know what you think, me I think they are great.  Zoe.


  1. Thanks for the e-mail regarding your challenge--hoping to play along. Fun projects by the 3 of you!

  2. Fun colours. Hope to make a little something. Hugz

  3. Can you add a google friends connect button. My preferred method of following. Emails get swallowed by the inbox monster bwahahahahaha. Hugz

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. Once I have figured out how a google friends button works I'll add it.

    2. Hurrah, following through friends connect. Thanks. Hugz


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